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I left the P & G with a desire to follow the steps given to us in the seminar to manifest what we wanted. What happened is nothing short of a miracle. I made a list of prayer requests and prayed with my Husband (using the steps we were given). One request asked for a large amount of money to build a house. It was a huge amount of money. A few days later my husband came to me wide eyed—he had a check in his hands for exactly the amount of money we had asked for! It had been given as a gift! Thank you Supreme Light—and thank you for offering this Seminar! 
Realtor, Idaho

I have had the opportunity to benefit from the previous courses offered through the Phenomenon and the Gift. I have felt a sense of inner peace with myself that has allowed me more day to day enjoyment in simple activities with family and friends. And in the second course, my daughter attended as well, and it was such a pleasure to see a young person open and expereince what was going on internally for herself and then she could translate that experience to instances in her life. She understands herself more and is able to put stress into perspective as it is occuring. A very valuable gift for someone in their 20’s!
 Paula, Tampa, FL